HydroPen joins VIKING

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Direct & automatic container firefighting

Operational at all levels & type approved by Bureau Veritas

Significant improved fire safety & costs avoidance

Innovative & award-winning firefighting equipment

The Challenge

An industry pain

Today it is not possible to perform direct firefighting in a burning container at heights. The crew does not stand a real chance of fighting the fire efficiently.

Container fires both at deck level and below deck level are inefficiently fought today and puts the crew in a very dangerous situation.

If a container fire is not addressed fast and efficiently it will spread quickly and it can lead to significant human – and financial costs.

The Solution

The HydroPen System

The HydroPen system is a new ground-breaking container firefighting technology, which can fight container fires directly at heights and at deck level. The water-based drilling machine only uses water pressure from the fire main to drill through a container door.

The HydroPen will improve the safety for the crew, the cargo & the ship, and it will help the ship owner avoid significant fire related costs.

The Video

See how it works

The water pressure flows into a hydrodynamic turbine, which rotates and drives the automatic drilling process. A hole saw and a nozzle at the end of the HydroPen drilling unit will penetrate the container.

Once penetrated, the drilling unit automatically changes mode, shutting off the water supply to the turbine and instead guides the water through the nozzle to spray inside the burning container and creates immediate firefighting.

The system can operate with both water, foam and CO2

About us
HydroPen develops high-quality solutions for complex problems in the marine industry. The company aims to decrease risk to personnel, ship, cargo and the environment by solving complex problems with simple technologies.
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